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Only CPM advertisers
Gain access to thousands of advertisers and ad networks around the globe.
Our clients receive personal, approach and we will match appropriate advertisers for each publisher.
Weekly payments via: WMR, WMZ, PayPal

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ad formats


Banner ads are considered to be one of the most popular kind of internet advertising. ClickGanic works with all standard IAB banners available on the market.


Slider - type of banner ads, when actual banner appears in the corner of the website and follows user as he scrolls the page.

We can guarantee


High bids

ClickGanic places thousands of different advertisers, ad networks, and DSPs on your website, allowing them to have auction for your traffic, hence increasing website’s revenue.

Weekly payments

Payments are being made every Monday. You can receive them on your PayPal account or by Wire Transfer.

Maximum fillrate

Working with dozens of DSPs and trade desks around the world, ClickGanic will help you monetize international traffic.

Account management

Each website owner will receive personal account manager which will answer any question and will help with problem solving.

Various ad formats

ClickGanic works with all IAB banner formats, teaser and mobile ads. In our network, you will find the format that you need.

And many other bonuses.

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10.000 daily impressions

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